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Monday, 5 February 2018

Bad Gal BANG!

Mystery mascara is no longer a mystery any more. Benefit has been teasing us for days now about an out of this world product launching on 02/02/18 and at 7.30am (NZST) It was finally revealed… Benefit has launched their newest mascara Bad Gal BANG! 

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this mascara thanks to Jess who is the fast moving cosmetics beauty buyer for . I received this mascara in plain packaging with no product information just a date of when it was going to be announced.  I had absolutely no clue what brand it was nor how much it was going to cost or If it was going to be any good. I pretty much had to test this product with no background and no previous reviews. It was a strange concept trying something with out knowing what you are exactly trying as I always read reviews before I buy a product.

On the first day of trying the Bad Gal Bang mascara I found the formula really wet but that is understandable for a new mascara however it did make a bit of a mess as it took a little longer to dry. I also found my lashes on the outside clumped a bit but that was caused by user error. That evening when I went to wash off the mascara I discovered it was non waterproof and it came off without leaving me with panda eyes. 

On the second day I used my brain and wiped the excess product off onto a tissue. It applied amazingly I almost got carried away brushing the mascara through my lashes as the tapped brush and flexible wand helps get all the lashes from the inner corner lashes to the outer. It was also a really humid hot day and with other mascaras they tend to smear a bit, to my surprise it did not budge instead stayed on my lashes without smearing under my eyes.  

On the third day I decided to layer the mascara to see if it added more volume with out clumping.  As the mascara was still really wet I still had to wipe the excess product off after that I went in with my first coat of mascara, I let my mascara dry then went in with the second coat. On the second coat the mascara brush glided through with out catching on my lashes and also left no clumps but added a lot of volume and felt super light weight. 

On the fourth day I wanted to see if it could hold a curl. I find that if a mascara is not waterproof they don’t hold curls as well as waterproof mascara. So I curled my lashes and applied the same same steps as Day 4 and I found the mascara held the curl all day. 

By the time the seventh day came around I no longer had to wipe off the excess product off as it dried up a bit and was not as wet as when I first received the mascara. I started to reach for this mascara with out thinking twice about it. 

I found Bad Gal Bang Mascara is amazing and lets face it we all know Benefit knows how to formulate and create the perfect mascara to cater to your needs. This mascara gives you volume with out clumping as the flexible wand & tapered brush catches each lash. It can hold a curl with out being waterproof & in humid weather you don’t have to worry about smudging or smearing. It also doesn’t flake. Out of 10 I would say I would give it a 10/10. 
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