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Sunday, 12 February 2017

January 2017 Beauty Favourites

Wow the first month of 2017 went by super fast. January was a good month for me I finally turned 25 which means I'm finally an adult, now if only I could find a man. I had good skin days & some bad skin days during January. We had hot & then cold weather in NZ so I had to switch out certain makeup products to adapt to the constant weather change. All in all it was an okay month. Another highlight of the month were certain beauty products that stood out for me so I thought why not share with everyone what I was loving in January and I'm still loving through out February.

Manuka Doctor Apirefine - Flawless (primer)

When I first received Manuka Doctor Apirefine Flawless Primer I was sceptical of it as I'm not one for primers that only serve to correct your skin tone as I've always been a big fan of pore filling primers to give me a smooth base for applying foundation. In my head this primer was a BB cream. Even with all the doubt in my mind I still decided to give this primer a go and it turned out I really enjoy using it.

The Flawless primer is perfect for evening out your skin tone it's especially perfect for people with redness or even a few skin blemishes. When applying Flawless it just like applying a moisturiser to your face. It applies smoothly to your face but the finish of this primer is actually different then a moisturiser it leaves you with a tacky feeling and because of this tacky feeling your foundation latches on to it making your foundation last longer.

I really liked the fact that this primer gave me an even base as it is a tinted primer it gave me the right amount of coverage and because of that I used a lot less foundation. I also found that because of the tint I could see where I needed colour correction because I have darker pigmentation in certain areas of my face & where I needed a little bit more foundation.

Another great thing about this primer is that it has ingredients that help with anti ageing. One of the ingredients that stood out for me was the fact that it had purified bee venom (No bees were harmed in the making of the product though.) and if you don't know bee venom has been used for years to help plump skin some people call it natural botox. So because of this ingredient this primer not only helps your foundation it also helps repair your skin and slow the ageing processes just a little bit with regular use.

This primer can be used alone or even layered with a pore filling primer to give you the perfect base for your foundation. The best part about it is that even with expensive ingredients such as bee venom and manuka honey this primer is actually affordable.

Nars Bronzer - Casino

A few years back everyone and their mothers absolutely loved Nars Laguna bronzer it was a beauty cult classic. Now Nars Laguna was a beautiful bronzer but it wasn't really made for people with a darker olive complexion. It really didn't do much for me and I spent most of my time building it up to achieve a sun kissed look. I got so caught up in following the beauty trends that I over looked the fact that Nars had & still has a darker bronzer. One day I came across it shopping and after swatching the bronzer I realised what a mistake I had done purchasing Laguna when in reality I needed Nars Casino. This bronzer actually blew my mind and since then I've been using Nars Casino for years I occasionally will use another bronzer but I always come back to my old faithful laguna bronzer.

Unlike most bronzers on the market Nars Casino has little to no shimmer in it. I find it's a beautifully pigmented matte bronzer with a beautiful orange under tone. You can use this bronzer to warm up your skin tone or you can even give yourself a natural contour and if you use a light hand you can build it up to a stronger more defined contour. I've also found that with a more natural look you can really use this bronzer as natural blush just by using a lighter hand when applying the bronzer. I have even used it as a transition shade in my eye makeup.

If you're someone who had to give Laguna a miss as it did nothing for your skin tone why not pop in to your nearest Nars counter and give their Nars Casino bronzer a go.

Australis Metallix Eyeshadow - Gold Gaga

When I first received these eye shadows I hated them. My opinion changed with a bit of trial & error I began to fall in love with them. Turns out I was completely using these eye shadows incorrectly and if only I had figured it out earlier.

With these beautiful metallic finish eyeshadow a little goes a long way. Also the best way to use them is with a clean finger which I was not doing as i prefer to use brushes and I couldn't figure out why on earth it wasn't applying with a flat shadow brush.

This range of eye shadows are perfect for beginners or even if you're a bit lazy as you only need one shade to make yourself look put together. Since these shadows are metallic they give your shadow dimension and depth to your eyelids unlike a flat matte shadow.

The best part about these shadows is that they are super affordable and once you know how to use them they are super easy to use.

ChiChi Super Matte Liquid Lipstick - Oh Swag Money

I really really really disliked this lipstick when I first got it but now I feel as though me & this lipstick have a love hate relationship. Some days it works for me some days I can't wait to take it off. 

Now the colour Oh Swag Money is a beautiful and really pigmented it's a your lips but better type of lipstick. On application the lipstick applies so beautiful and gives you an even finish.

The only down side to this lipstick is that it is super drying and if you don't hydrate your lips with a correct lip balm your lips will chap and peel but if you use it with a correct lip balm you wont have a single problem.

Hausk Repair That Hair  - Leave In Spray

I have really curly hair which means brushing curly hair can be a nightmare because it is forever knotty & tangled. When I discovered Hausk leave in spray I honestly didn't really read what it was for I just really liked the pink packaging and purchased the product. It wasn't till I actually went to use it weeks later that i read what the product was actually for. It was a leave in conditioner & Detangler.

Using this product is simple you as soon as you pop out of the shower towel dry your hair and just spritz it all over your ends, then carry on with your normal hair routine.

Thanks to this product brushing through my hair became so easy and I actually now look forward to running a brush through it. 

These are just a few products that stood out for me in January 2017. What are some products you've been loving lately? 

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