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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The First Time I Fake Tanned

Now you're probably wondering why a brown girl like me is writing about fake tanning. Well even though the upper half of my body gets sun which in turn give my a beautiful olive tan my legs stay pretty light compared to the rest of my body, because of this I had to make the decision to tan my legs. 

After I had brought the product (Bondi Sands), I pretty much freaked out so much so that I actually decided to go to bed then tan but then I couldn't sleep. Curiosity got the best of me so at 1am I got undressed and decided to fake tan everywhere so I moisturised my knees and elbows and got my tan on. 

I started with my legs and only used a small pump, I really didn't want to be going for the Umpalumpa look. I had bought a tanning mitt and with it I blended it out. After awhile I noticed I was the same colour so I went in with another round. I covered my whole body included my face with fake take. At this point there was no turning back, I had gone full Snookie.

After my body felt dry I put on an over sized T-shirt and wrapped myself up with a dark purple bed sheet as I didn't want it to get on my white bedding. I thought If I let it dry over night I'll have a perfect tan every white girl dreams of.

I woke up the next day and got into a nice hot shower. When I looked down the water was brown and I immediately started to full on panic. I was in too deep to just turn off the water and walk out. I didn't want streaky brown skin (It would look like I shat myself), so i stayed in the shower and finished up with my usual shower routine.

After I got out I went and checked myself out for a couple of mins and noticed my skin was a shade darker then normal. I then asked google why my tan had washed off so fast. Turns out I was freaking out over nothing, apparently what had washed off was the colour guard ( Colour guard is there to show where I have applied fake tan so I wont go overboard with tanning.).

I finally finished getting ready after my little panic attack and went off to work. I asked the girls if they've noticed anything different about me but unfortunately they didn't and had thought I had lost the plot. So I guess I was still the same colour. I went on with my day forgetting I was fake tanned.

When I finally got home, I went immediately for a shower and that's when I noticed my legs were darker. After I finished with my shower I went back to my mirror and noticed I had finally gotten that beautiful summer glow I wanted.  I was ecstatic. I kept sending snapchat pictures to all my friends who thought I had lost my mind and didn't understand why I was soo happy.

After all I went through with fake tan I slowly became a fake tan addict. Finally my entire body matched and I didn't have to bring my foundation all the way down to my chest. I was finally the golden goddess I wanted to be.

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  1. That's a great story, Priya! I don't do a lot of fake tanning so I don't have a lot of experience with many faux tanning products. I did try one last year that I got in a subscription bag, St. Tropez, I think, and it did give me decent color pretty much right away and it didn't come off in the shower ;)


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