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Saturday, 15 October 2016

CK2 Fragrance Review

Calvin Klein had great success with their fist unisex fragrance CK One, even though their second fragrance CK Be wasn't a big hit they decided to release their third unisex fragrance CK2 in 2016. CK2 is a sister fragrance to CK One as they go back to basic with this one. 

Now what sets this fragrance apart from all the other CK unisex fragrance is not just the scent but the bottle. The bottle is a clear glass cylinder with it's lid being the base. You can sit it up right on it's base or or put the bottle upside down so it seals the top. 


Top Notes:
Mandarin Orange
Violet Leaf

Middle Notes: 
Wet Cobble Stone 
Orris Root

Base Notes: 

When you first apply the fragrance you get a spicy hit of wasabi mixed with a citrus mandarin scent. Then as the fragrance lingers you get a soft hit of violet leaf that slowly transforms to concrete accord this is where the note of wet cobble stone which is mixed with orris roots comes in. As the fragrance evolves to the final stage you get a smokey woody scent this is where you can really smell the sandalwood and incense. 

This fragrance is great for anyone with a spicy pallet as it's not too over powering and it's a great every day scent. It can also be the perfect gift as it's available in three different sizes 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and a deodorant stick. 

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