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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lancôme Bi-Facil Review

Lancôme Bi-Facil

Lancôme is known for their hypnosis mascaras but it can be a pain to get it off but luckily for us they’ve made the perfect eye and lip makeup remover. 

I originally got the Bi-Facil makeup remover as a little deluxe sample when I purchased  a few items from Lancôme. I didn’t really care much for it so it kinda just sat their for weeks.

I didn't reach for it till I was having trouble removing waterproof mascara. At first I decided to put the product on a cotton pad and rub it. This is not the smartest idea as you will just end up making your eyes more sensitive and  it will break a few lashes if you’re rough. You should really put the product on a cotton pad and let the cotton pad sit on your eye as the product brakes down the mascara then flip it around to the clean side and wipe it away the excess eye makeup. Then carry on with your skin care routine. 

This product breaks down the most toughest of mascaras it’s also great to remover waterproof foundation like Estee Lauders double wear foundation. As this product is oil base I recommend you don’t just use this alone to remove your makeup, finish of with a good cleanser. 

The only down side to this product is it’s price tag but a little dose go a long way with this product. This product is great at removing waterproof mascara along with bold coloured lipsticks that tend to stain normally. 

What’s your favourite makeup remover? 

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