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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes (O.P.I)

Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes (O.P.IP

I’m not going to lie I prefer autumn/winter fashion more then spring/summer. I prefer to wear a lot of layers and dark colours, so that means having dark nails too. 
I grew up using O.P.I so now I have a extensive O.P.I collection which is still growing and it's only fitting that my first nail polish post is about O.P.I nail polish.

This has to be my favourite nail polish colour ever! In the bottle it seems to look like a black  but when applied on to your nails it has more of a deep plum look with a creamy finish. I find plum colours never go out of fashion during autumn and winter for nails and lips. This colour seems to be really opaque and only needs two coats at the most. I tend to reach for this colour more then any other colour in my collection. It also looks great with long stiletto nails giving a vampy sexy look.

For a more neutral approach during the cold season this nail colour is perfect with gold shimmers. This colour looks amazing on people with yellow undertones. It dose have glitter in it so it’s not exactly a cream finish but the glitter doesn’t over power the colour as it gives a little bit of a glimmer to your nails.  I do find this colour tends to take a lot longer to apply takes about two - three coats as it can be streaky but once on it looks amazing. This colour is perfect for people with medium - dark skin tones as it looks like the perfect nude for your nails.

This colour reminds me of the sea at night. It has sliver undertone glitter to it. It's perfect for a dark pop of colour. The blue seems to be very opaque only takes two coats to get the perfect finish. This blue & sliver glitter seems to have a dual chrome effect. The blue being more of a royal blue makes it elegant for an evenings out. I find that blues tends to look better on people with fair - medium skin tone. 

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have an elegant red in this list. This colour seems to change from a pinky red to a orangey red depending on how the light hits your nails and your skin undertones. For any one who loves red nail polish this is a great addition to have in your autumn nail polish collection. This colour is very opaque but can be a little streaky on your first coat so you'll need about two coats for a nice even finish. I find this colour looks great on any skin tone. 

I feel this is a dark bright colour. It has a wow effect and every time I wear it I tend to have people question me on what colour is on my nails. It’s a beautiful cream finish purple nail polish, that is very opaque, you'll need only two coats for the perfect finish. This colour also gives a perfect pop of colour for a monochrome outfit. The colour looks beautiful on any skin tone. It also makes a perfect colour for an accent nail. This colour is also a 2014 autumn trend colour and is a great transition colour for the new season. For those who aren't ready to give up wearing bright nail polish just yet, this is the colour for you.

By: Priya Nandani

What's your favourite Autumn/Winter Colour?
Also what's your favourite nail polish brand? 
2 comments on "Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes (O.P.I)"
  1. I'm in love with the purple. Honestly, I loved to wear RED last autumn :) We don't have OPI here in India (not that I know of) So I actually love Lakme


    1. Here I though NZ didn't have a lot of brands do to rules. I find it so weird. I live in such a small country I guess different countries have different rules in what they can import and export in. It's actually very hard/expensive to buy fragrances and nail polishes online in NZ. They tend to get held up in customs and you have to pay more in order to get what you ordered.


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