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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I love going shopping but, I love online shopping even more. The reason being I can online shop from the comfort of my bed and avoid pushy people, long ques and bad customer service. 

For a year now I have been browsing strawberrynet which is an online health and beauty store. I never bought anything from the site as the site seemed too good to be true. Designer brands on special with free shipping. I then saw a few youtube videos with strawberrynet hauls. I thought what's the harm in trying, if I buy something relatively cheap. So I did, I ended up buying a Macadamia hair product and a Calvin Klein lipstick both of which were around $10.00NZD each. 

The order arrived a week later. I was surprised that a free shipping online store dispatched things so fast that it arrived within 7 working days. I'm use to waiting 2 week to a month for items to arrive even if I've paid for shipping. I was pretty impressed with the delivery. The items were also tracked and you could go online to see where your package was.

The items were delivered in a white cardboard box with a purple ribbon tied around it. Inside there was polystyrene board and beans which kept my products from getting damaged. I was even more impressed with how well my products were packed. They also provided a receipt at the bottom. 

I received everything I wanted nothing was harmed and it arrived with in 7 working days. I must admit the website design isn't that greatest but it works. I also love the fact that they have an app which you can download from the app store straight to your phone.

After I ordered my first item I received a email saying I get 1% off my next purchase and once I've ordered 20 times off their site I would receive 10% off all purchases after that. Which I thought was great because most items were heavily discounted and on top of that more discount. I Almost feel guilty splurging on designer makeup and paying drug store prices. 

Priya Nandani
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  1. I like because they sell a variety of things :)

    1. I've never actually purchased anything from


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