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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sheet Mask Review: Apple Polyphenol Mask (My Beauty Diary)

Sheet Mask Review:

Apple Polyphenol Mask (My Beauty Diary) 

I'm a big fan of Asian products especially when it comes to their facial masks. My favourites being sheet masks. I find something rewarding and relaxing about them. I've decided each week I'll be reviewing a different mask for the next few weeks. 

First of all I should tell you I have oily combination skin. I'm very oily around my T-zone area and I also get dry patches especially around the sides of my nose. I have large pores on my nose and cheeks. I don't have too much of a problem with break outs I only tend to get them around the time of the month. I do get the occasional blackheads though.

The Apple Polyphenol Mask is targeted for oily and oily combination skin type. 

Before I decided to put on this face mask I exfoliated, cleansed and toned my face. I also used a nose pore strip in order to unclog my pores for this face mask. Right before I put on the face mask I did rinse my face with warm water just to open up my pores. 

Most sheet mask are made of thin cotton (when on you kind of look like a serial killer). All you have to do when applying the sheet mask is pull the protective film of and apply it to your face. It should mould to your face. I do recommend lightly patting it on. 

After applying the mask I felt a tingly feeling which was a good feeling. I knew the mask had started to do it's job. The sheet mask was cold so it was tightening up my unclogged pores. 

They advise you to leave the mask on for 20-30mins. During that time I decided to watch some beauty videos on youtube.  

Sheet mask don't dry up like most facial mask do. They stay moist and keep your skin feeling refreshed during the whole process. 

After 30mins were up I pulled the face mask off and tapped the remaining serum into my face.  My face felt soft and refreshed. Some of my pores had minimised. I saw a huge difference on my nose my large pores had gotten smaller and I was pleased. This mask didn't make my pores vanish but it did make them smaller, it also calmed down the irritation of exfoliating and using a pore stripe on my nose. My face felt soft and not oily at all. 

The next day after my morning shower I saw that i had tiny pimple on my nose. nothing to freak about. I feel as though when you get a pimple after a face mask you know that it worked, other then the tiny pimple my face was clear and my pores weren't clogged. 

Using this particular face mask with a pore stripe was the perfect skin combination for oily/oily combination skin. My skin felt great. I advise anyone with oily skin to give this mask a go. 

By: Priya Nandani

What are your favourite facial mask? 
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2 comments on "Sheet Mask Review: Apple Polyphenol Mask (My Beauty Diary) "
  1. is there a shop in new zealand that i can get it from instead of online?

    1. You can find sheet mask in any Korean or Japanese store. :)


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