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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review: Mask Of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty

I've been wanting to try this mask out for about a year now but every time I pop into a lush store they seem to be always sold out. Last week on my lunch break I went into lush with a friend and they didn't have it out on the shelf. When I asked the sales assistant she told me she had sold the last one 5 minutes ago. Again I was crushed, but that's not the end of the story. The girls working there found a pot behind the counter. I was soo over the moon about it that I brought it straight away! 

The Mask of Magnaminty is made for acne prone skin. You can use the product not only on your face but shoulders, back and any where else you break out. You can use this mask also as facial scrub.

I like to use the mask before I go for a shower at night. I remove all my makeup and apply the mask. You get a refreshing cooling sensation when applied. I tend to use it on my face, neck and chest area. I leave the mask on for ten minutes then remove it with warm water and face cloth in circle motion in the shower. Then apply toner to my face and carry on with my night routine. The mask doesn't leave any residue like most clay mask do. It leaves your face feeling awake and soft.

The down side to this mask is it breaks you out at first use(It dose state this on the lid.). You go through a purging stage as it extracts all the toxins in your skin and then it returns your skin to tip top condition.

I found after one use the mask did break me out but at the same time it brightened my face and also unclogged and tightened my pores.  My skin felt fresh and soft.

This mask is perfect for all skin types. they do advise that people with sensitive skin use it 1-2 times a week and people with oily/combination use it 2- 4 times a week.

I would recommend this mask to anyone with acne prone skin as I find it is improving my skin and it's slowly clarifying it. 

What's your favourite lush product?
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By: Priya Nandani
2 comments on "Review: Mask Of Magnaminty"
  1. Nice post! I've been hearing great reviews about this! I'll have to give it a try! Hopefully it can help my acne prone skin.

  2. I have never tried a lush product before. But now i do want to try this one out :)



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