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Friday, 7 March 2014

First Impression: Nose Pore Strips

First Impression: Nose Pore Strips

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree

deep cleansing nose pore strips

I was very blessed as a teen not to have problematic skin, so I never had to use nose strips before now. After getting my nose pierced, I started to get a really oily nose and some days it would be dry, the complete opposite. My pores started getting bigger and I discovered what a blackhead really was. I've been trying natural ways to unclog my pores but it tends to be a long process. Also going to a beautician every now and then can cost a lot money. 

I must admit I was put of nose strips when I saw Anne Hathaway pull one off in the Princess Diaries. It looked more painful then waxing to me, but on my recent shopping trip I decided to pick up a pack. I decided to go with the tea tree nose strips because I use tea tree oil on my blemishes, so I assume it would also benefit my nose.  

A few of the ingredients are tea tree oil, witch hazel and almond oil. I decided to go with the Beauty Formula nose strips because it had less chemicals then the Bior Nose Pore Strips.  

The instructions advise you to apply it to a wet nose. So I soaked my nose in water and stuck the strip on. At first I put it upside down so I quickly pulled it of and stuck it back on. The strip wasn't really sitting or sticking correctly on my nose so I wet the strip a little so it would sick better and I could mould it on.  

The box advised to wait 10-15 min before pealing it off but because my idea to wet the nose strip I had to wait 20 min to strip it off. When pealing it off it was as painful as I thought it would be not because it stuck on my skin but because the nose strip got stuck to my nose stud. 

Once the strip was off I took a look at the strip and was impressed with the amount of gunk that came off my nose. Also after the strip was off my nose, it felt smooth, clean and less bumpy. It didn't unclog all my pores but it took a good amount of dirt out.

They advise you to use the strips once or twice a week. I guess with 6 strips to a pack it's a process to unclog your pores.

As a first impression I was impressed it did what it claimed to do. The witch hazel did clam my skin so it wasn't irritated. It didn't leave my nose red. I do advise people with nose piercing to take your nose stud/ring out as the strip does stick on to piercings. 

By: Priya Nandani

Have you tried nose strips before? How do you unclog your pores? Leave a comment below. 
2 comments on "First Impression: Nose Pore Strips"
  1. I have an issue with blackheads myself and I guess that this product might help me. I hope it's available in India :|


  2. where in new zealand can i get it from?


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