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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Favourite Fragrance : Lovestruck

Favourite Fragrance

I'm not the biggest fragrance/perfume lover. It might be the fact that I work at a beauty/fragrance counter and I tend to smell a lot of fragrances. (Sometimes I feel like customers only come in to bathe in perfumes.)


Even though perfumes aren't really my thing there is the one exception of Vera Wang Lovestruck. This smells amazing. It's fresh, girly and sweet everything I want in a perfume with out being overpowering. Not only does Lovestruck smell good but the bottle is too pretty for words. 

Lovestrucks top notes are of exotic pink guava and Angelica blossom. The middle notes are tuberose with aquatic lotus flowers. The bottom notes are woody and sheer musk from a solid perfume base. 

Even though the bottom notes are woody and musky I find that this fragrance is completely the opposite of musky on my skin. I find the perfume is sweet and I love to wear Lovestruck on dates as it's not too overpowering and my date won't end up with a headache from my scent. 

Another thing I found great about this perfume is that it has a great lasting power. Lovestruck has a tendency to last on my skin a lot longer then most. I'm able go up to 6 hrs and still smell as good as when I first applied the perfume on my skin which can be rare. 

People tend to spray perfumes on their clothes rather then on their skin but to tell you the truth I do prefer to apply fragrance to my skin rather then my clothes. I find some fragrances can damage/stain delicate clothing items. 

Next time you're at a fragrance counter. I advice you try it out on yourself and see how you like it.  

By: Priya Nandani

What's your favourite perfume at the moment? Are there any you think I should try out? Leave a comment below. 

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  1. I actually am in love with Taylor by Taylor Swift (I'm a very big swiftie)
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