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Monday, 1 October 2018

Teddy Lane Nails Review

When it comes to fake nails I'm not the biggest wearer. The last time I actually wore fake nails was when I was 14 and they lasted all of 3 hours before they just popped off. Going into this product test I really didn't have high hopes due to past experience 12 year back (Yes I'm that old.)  but to my surprise I was proven wrong. 

Firstly putting them on is soo easy I had to film a tutorial for you guys! So check that out: 

You would think that wearing these claws would be uncomfortable but because they are much thinner then other fake nails they are actually really comfortable, so comfortable that I even forget I have them on because I can still do day to day task like typing and pulling out my credit card (We've all been there with fake nails where we can't get our damn card out of wallet!).  Also because they are thinner they tend to look more natural. Each style comes in different lengths or you can easily file them down to the shape/size you want. You get 12 different sizes to find the perfect fit for your nails. The nails are more curved then other brands so they hug your nails better. There are 24 nails in the pack which means you get double use out of them. 

The lasting power of these nails would make you think the nail glue provided is magical. These nails last up to 10 days and sometimes longer. 

When it comes to removal of these nail, that to is easy. You can soak your nails in warm water and they should pop off but if they don't budge you don't need to worry just dip you nails in nail polish remover. Once off just buff down your nails and you're ready to apply nail polish or if you're like me you can try on a new set. 

Teddy Lanes Nails range from $24.99 - $28.99 NZD depending on the design. You can pick these nails up at your local Farmers or online If you pick them up online you can opt for a subscription which means you can get a new set delivered to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

I have offical converted to Teddy Lane nails! No need for me to go to the nail salon when I can easily do these at home! I've even got my next set ready and waiting to be worn!
Monday, 19 February 2018

Huxley Skin Care Review

When it comes to skincare K Beauty have been making headlines recently from bubble mask to their 10 step skincare that gives you flawless glass like skin. I started using Korean skin care when I was introduced to sheet mask a few years back, now fast forward a few years and most nights I use a sheet mask before bed. With all the online buzz in recent months I really wanted to venture out and try more Korean Skincare, I was lucky enough that sent me a Huxley deluxe sample skin care gift set to try. 

Huxley is a brand loved by all especially Korean Flight attendants. Flight attendants tend to suffer from dehydrated stressed skin due to the environment of an airplane as the air is recycled which can suck the moisture out of skin. Huxley products actually contains a few ingredients with one of the main ingredients being Prickly Pear which is from the cactus family. There has been recent studies on the oil produced from the Prickly Pear and they have found that the oil is enriched in Vitamin E and Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant. Also for many years people have used the Prickly Pear to help heal wounds. 

Huxley Cleansing Water

When I first opened Huxley Cleansing Water I was hit with a beautiful scent of floral that gave the product more of a luxury feel, however if you are not a fan of scented products you might have to give this one a miss as it is a strong fragrance. When I first used this product I didn’t think much of it but I continued to use it, a few days later I started to enjoy the cleansing water. It left my skin feeling moisturised as it leaves a layer of oil behind on the skin which keeps my skin feeling hydrated. Even though there is a layer of oil left behind I did not find any blocked pores. After I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe I like the use The Cleansing Water as I find the Cleansing Water removing all the remaining makeup on the skin. 

Huxley Cleansing Gel 

When I opened the Huxley Cleansing Gel I was hit with the same floral scent which I did not mind as the scent did not linger on the skin. Huxley Cleansing Gel is a low-pH moisturising cleanser. I was surprised to find that the Cleansing gel lathered up to a foam as the texture of it is a liquid  Clear Gel. I use this product right after The Huxley Cleansing water at night I found that even though I’m double cleansing the product dose not strip my skin of its natural oils. I would also use the Huxley Cleansing Gel on my non makeup days and in the morning and found it left my skin feeling soft. Huxley Cleansing Gel is better used after removing your makeup as it will not remove it but instead move it around on your face so if you do wear makeup you should pair it up with the Huxley Cleansing Water. 

Huxley Scrub Mask 

Just like the Cleansing Water and Cleansing Gel the Huxley Scrub Mask smells just like them. I used the Huxley Scrub Mask as a facial scrub in the shower. I found that the Scrub Mask warms up the skin when rubbing it in. I have a very dry and flaky nose so when I used The Scrub mask around the area It removed the dry flakey skin and also unblocked clogged pores. 

Huxley Toner

It wasn’t until I opened the Toner that I realised that Huxley products have the same exact scent as the rest of the products in the range. The Huxley Toner claims to help maintain the pH balance in you skin. It has 90% natural ingredients and alcohol with it being a water free formula. After using it for a week I found my skin feeling smoother. My skin still felt hydrated as it is a very mild toner. 

Huxley Healing Mask

Yes the Healing Mask also has the same exact scent as its sister products. I found that the healing mask soothed my skin and gave it extra hydration, it also felt cool and refreshing and this may be because of the orange peel extract & Centella Asiatic extract. However the jelly like texture kind of threw me off a bit as a lot of mask with the same texture tend to be a peel off mask but with the Huxley Healing Mask you wash it away in the shower. 

Huxley Sleeping Mask 

Now I had never used a sleeping mask before unless you count falling asleep in a sheet mask. So using a sleeping mask was a new concept for me. I found that when I used this at night the next morning I would wake up with my skin feeling revitalised & plump. Unlike think night creams it did not leave my face feeling greasy in the morning. Due to the Prickly Pear oil extract I felt while I was sleeping it repaired my skin. 

Overall Huxley is a unique skin care range. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, plump and tighter. I would defiantly recommend Huxley to anyone who is looking for a new skincare perfect for people with normal, dry to oily combination skin all you have to do is find a combination of products that will work for you. 
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

January Favourites 2018

Wow it only feels like yesterday that I was sharing with you all my January 2017 favourites. I can't believe it's already February 2018 which means it is time to share what I have been loving in January 2018.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation - Bronze Beige

I feel like I'm cheating the system with this foundation as it performs like a high end foundation but only coast the fraction of the price, retailing for $12.99NZD you can pick this foundation up at . The Photo Focus Foundation feels light weight on the skin letting it breath with medium to buildable coverages. When photographed your skin looks flawless while looking like your natural skin. There is no flashback so this foundation is perfect for events like weddings and birthday parties.   

Dr. Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder - 00 Translucent 

When I first received this product I looked at it and was confused firstly the mosaic colour combination threw me off a bit and I wonder how could this product possibly be translucent there's colour in there. I had put it away in my makeup draw and forgot about it until I missed placed my usual setting powder, I really needed to set under my eyes so I risked it. I went for it and let me tell you I did not regret it at all. There is really something magical about this powder.  It sets your makeup while smoothing out any fine lines or visible pores, it also give you an airbrush look while looking natural. I have really bad dark circles and with this colour correcting powder I felt less self conscious about them as the powder helped conceal them more. Even though this powder was scary to use at first I'm glad I tried it as it did what it was for and also more. It controlled my oily noise, it helped conceal my dark circles & also somehow confined my fine lines & pores. The Dr Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder retails for $70.00NZD and is available at .

Essence Lash Princess Mascara - Black 

Normally I can't live with out my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and I usually I take it everywhere with me but one day I had not only forgot to put on mascara (me forgetting to put on mascara is a regular occurrence)  but also forgot to pack it in my makeup bag. I didn't want to go out and buy a new Benefit mascara so I decided to find the cheapest mascara possible that also works and that is when I spotted Essence Lash Princess Mascara. I remembered that it was one of Tatti Westbrooks favourite affordable mascaras,  I thought why not just try it and now I understand why Tatti love this mascara.  The tapered curved wand reaches all your lashes from inner to outer conner helping to curl your lashes, the bristle on the wand helps separate and coat each lash giving it volume. The Lash Princess mascara is non waterproof but doesn't smudge through out the day and there is no flaking. This mascara is a complete steal and can be picked up at selected Farmers store for $7.49NZD. 

Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick - Give Me Mocha 

If you haven't tried the Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks from Wet N Wild you need to. These liquid lipstick are amazing they are one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks on the market while being affordable. I find that they last almost all day depending on if you're having a burger or not without making your lips feel crusty. You can easily touch it up with out it cracking. The best part about Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit is they have a beautiful colour range available at for only 11.99NZD. 

My favourite colour out of the entire Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit range is defiantly Give Me Mocha and honestly I don't think I can live with out it. There is something about Give Me Mocha that compliments my skin tone and I feel like I can wear it with any makeup look. 

These are my favourites of January 2018 what are some of yours? leave me a comment down below so i can try some new products and who knows it might just end up in my next favourites post. 
Monday, 5 February 2018

Bad Gal BANG!

Mystery mascara is no longer a mystery any more. Benefit has been teasing us for days now about an out of this world product launching on 02/02/18 and at 7.30am (NZST) It was finally revealed… Benefit has launched their newest mascara Bad Gal BANG! 

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this mascara thanks to Jess who is the fast moving cosmetics beauty buyer for . I received this mascara in plain packaging with no product information just a date of when it was going to be announced.  I had absolutely no clue what brand it was nor how much it was going to cost or If it was going to be any good. I pretty much had to test this product with no background and no previous reviews. It was a strange concept trying something with out knowing what you are exactly trying as I always read reviews before I buy a product.

On the first day of trying the Bad Gal Bang mascara I found the formula really wet but that is understandable for a new mascara however it did make a bit of a mess as it took a little longer to dry. I also found my lashes on the outside clumped a bit but that was caused by user error. That evening when I went to wash off the mascara I discovered it was non waterproof and it came off without leaving me with panda eyes. 

On the second day I used my brain and wiped the excess product off onto a tissue. It applied amazingly I almost got carried away brushing the mascara through my lashes as the tapped brush and flexible wand helps get all the lashes from the inner corner lashes to the outer. It was also a really humid hot day and with other mascaras they tend to smear a bit, to my surprise it did not budge instead stayed on my lashes without smearing under my eyes.  

On the third day I decided to layer the mascara to see if it added more volume with out clumping.  As the mascara was still really wet I still had to wipe the excess product off after that I went in with my first coat of mascara, I let my mascara dry then went in with the second coat. On the second coat the mascara brush glided through with out catching on my lashes and also left no clumps but added a lot of volume and felt super light weight. 

On the fourth day I wanted to see if it could hold a curl. I find that if a mascara is not waterproof they don’t hold curls as well as waterproof mascara. So I curled my lashes and applied the same same steps as Day 4 and I found the mascara held the curl all day. 

By the time the seventh day came around I no longer had to wipe off the excess product off as it dried up a bit and was not as wet as when I first received the mascara. I started to reach for this mascara with out thinking twice about it. 

I found Bad Gal Bang Mascara is amazing and lets face it we all know Benefit knows how to formulate and create the perfect mascara to cater to your needs. This mascara gives you volume with out clumping as the flexible wand & tapered brush catches each lash. It can hold a curl with out being waterproof & in humid weather you don’t have to worry about smudging or smearing. It also doesn’t flake. Out of 10 I would say I would give it a 10/10. 
Friday, 29 December 2017

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

If you asked me what is one beauty product I could not live with out then my answer would be mascara and lately I can’t go a day without Benefits Roller Lash Mascara. Now when this mascara was launched it was defiantly hyped up due to the fact Benefit knows how to formulate the perfect mascara and lets just say It was well worth the hype and heres why...

Just by looking at the mascara you can defiantly see that the Roller Lash Mascara is inspired by hair rollers, you can see this theme through out the product from the handle of the want to the name behind the mascara. 

The Roller Lash Mascara wand is curved and made out of rubber with short bristle. The curved wand coats each lash within the first brush. To use the Roller Lash Mascara to the best of its ability you should wiggle the brush at the base of your lashes then lift while brushing out your lashes, this technique lifts and curls the lashes. 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is the perfect everyday mascara that can be built up if you want a more dramatic lash look. You don’t need to use a traditional curly when using this mascara but if you do decided you want super curly lashes, it can defiantly hold a curl. 

Taking this mascara off is easy all you need is warm water to melt away the mascaras. 

Not only is this the perfect mascara for people with straight lashes as it helps curls and lift the lashes but it also is easy to use. 
Monday, 28 August 2017

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey Eyeshadow Review & Swatch

If you know anything about me then you know I'm a sucker for cute packaging, so when I saw the Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey pallet I knew that I had to immediately get my hands on it. 

The Peanut Butter & Honey pallet is a limited edition Too Faced pallet which retails for $57.00 NZD at Mecca Beauty. The pallet itself comes in a yellow box with a piece of toast on the front, the description on the back and ingredients on the sides. The pallet itself is made out of tin just like all the other Too Faced 9 pan pallets.The pallet has a decent size mirror and because of it being made out of tin the pallet is great for travel as it is durable.  Also in the pallet you get a glamour guide that gives you easy step by step instructions to complete three different looks. There are 9 shades in the pallet in total that range from mattes to shimmers. Too Face claim to be a cruelty free brand but it doesn't state that the pallet is vegan. 

If you are someone that is allergic to peanuts then fear not this pallet doesn't contain any nuts so you can still go out and buy this pallet. However if you are someone who gets easily irritated by heavily fragrant beauty products you may want to give this pallet a pass as it is scented to smell like peanut butter & honey. 

This pallet contains a total of 9 shades 5 being mattes, 2 being satin and 2 being shimmer shades. All together this pallet contains 11.4g of product. The three highlight shades on the right are in a bigger pan which contain 2.0g of product each, while the other 9 shades are in smaller pans which contain 0.9g of product each. 

Creamed Honey: Creamed Honey is a beautiful shimmer shade which is the perfect brow bone shade. 
Bee Sweet: Bee Sweet is a pink matte highlight shade that can also be used on the lid for a cut crease. 
Queen Bee: Queen Bee is a satin finish highlight shade perfect for the inner corners. 
Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter is not a unique shade to the pallet as it is also featured in the Chocolate Bar Pallet from Too Faced. Peanut Butter is a matte rusty brown perfect as a crease colour. 
Honey Brittle: Honey Brittle is a matte shade that can be used as a transition colour. 
Honey Buns: Honey Buns is a beautiful matte deep yellow and gives you the perfect pop of colour. 
Going Nuts: Going Nuts is a satin finish brown with burgundy under tones that sparkle with a hint of gold. 
Bee's Knees: Bee's Knees is a rusty shimmer brown with specks of gold glitter. 
Feeling Nutty: Feeling Nutty is a matte brown perfect shade to deepen the crease and outer v. 

These eyeshadows are buttery to the touch and when swatching they glide on to the skin. When using a fluffy blending brush the eyeshadows blend seamlessly giving the perfect gradient.

The Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey pallet is a great warm toned every day pallet that is travel friendly. Since it is a limited edition pallet I do suggest you get your hands on it before it sells out. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Jeffree Star Androgyny Pallet Swatch & Review

When this pallet first came out I had no intent on buying it. It wasn’t till I was browsing through BeautyBliss that I had stumbled upon Jeffree Star Cosmetics range. The Androgyny pallet stood out to me immediately, Not only were the colours beautiful to look at but it also inspired me out of my makeup rut. After swatching the pallet I was sold on it even with the hefty price tag of $75.00NZD My Justification on buying this pallet was that it had unique shaded but also the pallet is vegan and cruelty free.

The pallet is beautiful packed in a deep maroon box with gold text & accent on the front. On the back of the box you have the fine print in white text with the ingredients & in pink text you have a brief description of the pallet. The actual pallet itself is in the classic Jeffery Star hot pink colour with a faux crocodile/snakeskin finish made from cardboard the gold text & accent is also is followed through onto the pallet itself. The back of the pallet has Jeffrey Stars social media links. Something that really stands out in this pallet is the fact that it had a beautiful big mirror. Even though the Androgyny pallet is big it is also perfect to travel with due to the big mirror and also the pallet is not heavy due to it being so thin. 

The Androgyny pallet is described as a neutral pallet which can be miss leading to some people depending on your definition of neutral but if you follow Jeffree Star then you can completely understand his thought process as his personality shines through out this pallet and into each shade. 

There are a total of 10 shades each of which are 2.52g per shade giving you a lot of product in each pan as a standard M.A.C eyeshadow only has 1.5g. The 10 shades of eyeshadow are a mix of matte & metallic with 8 out of 10 being super matte as described by Jeffree Star himself. These eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented with a buttery texture that glide on with each swatch. Due to it being so highly pigmented a little product goes a long way with most of the shades. I do recommend tapping of the excess product. The only shade I had difficulty working with was swallow as it was a lot more stiff then any of the other shades and blending it out was difficult. There was no fall out with these shadow, though when you are picking up the product there is a lot of kick back within the pan but thankfully it dose not have the same effect when applied to the eye which makes it a dream pallet for people who like to apply foundation first. 

Colours left to right: Frosting, Safe Word, Charm, Deja Vu, Dominatrix, Androgyny, Fetish, Military, Poison & Swallow
Frosting is a beautiful warm tone gold metallic not only is this beautiful on the eyes but also can be used as a highlighter on the cheeks. Frosting is best used wet on the eye. 

Safe Word is the perfect crease warm tone nude matte colour and can be used as a matte highlight for deeper skin tones. Using this shade as a base can make blending out brighter colours on top easy. 

Charm is a soft warm tone orange and is perfect as a transition colour. This shade is highly pigmented and built up it can make this shade bright especially used on top of safe word. 

Deja Vu is a beautiful warm tone deep copper perfect for a all over lid colour. It is best used wet for a more intense lid colour. 

Dominatrix is a warm tone matte rusty brown perfect as a crease or all over lid colour. You can smoke Dominatrix out to a beautiful smokey eye. Dominatrix paired with Frosting can really make any eye colour pop. 

Androgyny is a unique muted matte purple. Androgyny is perfect as an all over lid and crease colour and also smoked out on its own all over the lids given a soft smokey eye. Androgyny is the perfect shade to use when you're in a rush or when you are having a lazy makeup day but need to look like you made an effort.

Fetish is a beautiful warm tone rusty red, this colour is very intimidating in the pan but paired up with Deja Vu it can give you a beautiful rusty eye look. Not only it is beautiful as it own but working it into your out V can really deepen a look giving it a more romantic touch. 

Military is the perfect army green colour though it looks cool tone this colour is defiantly warm toned. This colour is perfect all over the lid smoked out or paired with poison & safe word. 

Poison is a muted warm tone forest green.  Poison was the shade that really drew me into this pallet. This cool tone colour is the perfect shade for a smoky eye or an all over lid colour paired up with Swallow.

Swallow is a cool mid tone blue. Using swallow to deepen the outer V while pairing it up with poison can give a smokey eye. If you want to your eye makeup to stand out then defiantly try it with frosting all over the lid and swallow smoked out in the crease. 

Over all this pallet is a unique take on a neutral pallet and is worth the hefty NZ price tag. Not only can you get some classic natural eye but you can also get creative with this pallet and create some beautiful unique look to make your eyes pop. If you're in need of some eyeshadow inspiration why not give this pallet ago. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

April 2017 Favourites

How did April go by super fast? I pretty much feel like I blinked & missed it. I was on holiday so I did miss out on posting but I back for May. However we can't just forget about April just yet it is only fitting that I share a few of my favourite products in the month of April.

Sub 24 - Fresh + Flawless Facial Scrub

I love using a scrub to remove a thick layer of makeup, Sub 24 Fresh & Flawless Facial Scrub really gets into your pores & cleans them without it being harsh on your skin. After using Sub24 it leaves your skin feel soft ready for your next step of skincare.

Hello Hair - Hydrating Mask (Island Escape Edition)

Hello Hair Mask have become a staple in my weekly pamper routine. This mask leaves my hair feeling soft and full of life. If you want to learn more about it check out my blog post: 

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer

Now I did a first impression on the Smahbox Photo Finish Primer & I kinda brushed it off as an okay primer, turns out I've been reaching for this primer more then I thought it would. Now this primer I normally pair it with a matte primer as matte primers can be really drying near the eye area I find the Smashbox Photo Ready Primer fills in the little lines under my eyes and keeps it hydrated leaving my concealer last all day long.If you want to check out my first impression check it out here:

L.A Girl -  Pro Conceal (Pure Beige)

When I first tried L.A Girl Pro Concealer I hated it mainly because I had gotten a dud, I went to go use it and oil just came out. So i pretty much dismissed it all together until recently when I noticed it was every beauty gurus favourite concealer, so I thought why not give it a whirl. So my second time around it was everything I was expecting. It is full coverage concealer that blended out beautiful with other products like foundation. What also stood out to me is that the Pro Concealer comes in a wide range of shades to the point that they even have colour correctors.

Australis - Velourlips (Buda-Pash)

Since it is finally Autumn I've been really into rocking my darker lips & Buda-Pash is the perfect Autumn shade when it comes to lips. It's a dark burnt red that goes well with any complexion & with it being a matte finish it doesn't budge. Though it can be drying at times paired with a hydrating lip balm this is the ultimate Autumn shade.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Hello Hair Mask Review

When it comes to hair care there is nothing more relaxing then putting on a hair mask after a long week of work or school, not only is it therapeutic but it's beneficial to your hair. Hello Hair Mask are hands down my favourite oil based hair mask to use as they contain Coconut, Argan & Almond these are just some of the oils listed in the ingredients that leave your hair feeling nourished, soft & full of body. 

You can pick up your very own Hello Hair Mask online at: It retails for $15.00 AUD for a 100g pack. It's great for the price as you can use one packet up to 3 times for medium to short hair. It's easy store away with out worrying about spilling it everywhere as it has a cap you can screw back on unlike other hair mask where once you rip it open you have to use all of it. 

Something I really love about Hello Hair Mask is it is so simple to use, you massage it through your hair & scalp. Leave your hair wrapped up in a towel then after 30mins (sometimes I leave it in longer) rinse it out and then you'll feel the difference instantly. I tend to use my Hello Hair Mask once a week on the weekend as I don't have time during the week after work, I find it a great way to destress & pamper myself.

Not only is this mask affordable but it actually dose what it is meant to. It hydrates your hair keeping your hair soft and feeling repaired from all the damaged you put it through. Also Hello Hair Mask smells amazing. 

Have you tried Hello Hair Mask? What do you love about it? 
Monday, 24 April 2017

March Favourites | 2017

Antiopdes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick - Oriental Bay Plum

Since summer is finally over it was now the time to bring out the berry plum colour lipsticks. Oriental Bay Plum became a staple every day lipstick for me because it was a beautiful berry/plum lipstick that drew the right amount of attention to my lips. Oriental Bay Plum is a demi matte lipstick but unlike other lipstick it is hydrating and is comfortable to wear throughout the day. If Oriental Bay Plum is too much of a bright colour for you then why not check out the other colours in Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick range.

Freemans Clay Mask - Avocado

Photo was provided by

I love doing a facial mask every second day and one that I've really been loving is the Avovado mask From Freemans, It kept my skin soft which made my makeup go on smoothly. If you want to know more about why I love mask, Just check out my pervious review:

Lip Glam

With the weather getting colder lips tend to start drying up and cracking but I found something that keeps mu lip hydrated at night and that is Lip Glam before bed every night I apply Lip Glam and the next morning I wake up with beautiful soft lips.

Sukin- Energising Body Scrub

Along with dry lips I've been dealing with dry skin especially my legs. Something I found that helps me fight that is The Sukin Energising Body Scrub. It scrubs the dry skin while hydrating the new generated skin leaving your legs baby soft. 

What have you guys been loving? 

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